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Are you a Nordophile? See how you score on our Nordophile test below



  • You use the correct term Wienerbrød (Vienna bread) rather than Danish pastry.
  • Your Scandi jumper comes out at the first sign of Autumn.
  • Hygge is something you try to create, even though you’re still not sure if it’s right.
  • Your book shelf looks dark and dangerous (Nordic Noirs).
  • You find it quicker to say tack rather than thank you, much to your friend’s annoyance.
  • You understand that Mad is food and not just a state of mind.
  • You would rather be sailing around the Fjords than the Seychelles.
  • Your Nordic brand knowledge is not just limited to IKEA
  • You know the difference between Scandinavia and The Nordics (Google it)
  • You feel the NORDEN awards are much superior to the Oscars. (Even though the name Oscar means ‘Deer Lover’ and there are lots of deer in the Nordics).

If you answered Yes to 7 or more of the questions in our Nordophile test, then we think you are officially a Nordophile! #nordophile

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