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  • Sarah Surgey
  • 14th October 2015
  • The Lights in Alingsås festival opened on September 25th and runs through to November 1st. Just 40 minutes outside of Gothenburg, this light festival is definitely a must see this Autumn. Visit the festival to see and witness some incredible light displays and installations around Alingsås.


    Photograph Patrik Gunnar Helin


    It started in 1999 when students from HDK, Jönköping University and Gothenburg University gathered in Alingsås to experiment with different lighting designs for public buildings. The following year, the municipality entered into agreements with the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association – PLDA, who have brought the international world of lighting design to Alingsås every October since then. The result is an educational and fun lighting event which has grown annually.

    – Already in the early years the Municipality of Alingsås showed a huge interest in lighting, which was matched by interest from an international audience. Today, Lights in Alingsås welcomes more than 85 000 visitors annually. “We are obviously very proud,” says Kjell Hult, Development Manager at Alingsås Municipality and one of the initiators of Lights in Alingsås.


    Photograph Patrik Gunnar Helin


    Children are our future

    Children Lights is running for the third year in a row.  The 2015 overall theme is notoriously Evolution of Light, and the Children’s Future Park is a part of it. The installations kids create symbolizes their own thoughts about the future, what they hope for and what they imagine.

    – Our heart burns for Alingsås, and we totally support everything that makes it better to live here. Brilliant Children, Children’s Future Park and Children’s bright are exciting new features of this year’s light festival. As the main sponsor of the Lights in Alingsås we are extremely pleased with this year’s children’s initiative, says Klas Fresh, Sparbanken Alingsås.


    Photograph Patrik Gunnar Helin


    Bright children

    New this year is the “Bright Child” – a playful place for all children to experience this scene, where Malin Wallin, designer and drama teacher has created a playful place for all children. Malin Wallin explains:

    “Children have gathered at the lit up trees and house. Here they have started to play. There are light fairy tales and houses which can dance. This illuminates the play and everyone can join in. Everyone gets to be a part of the light from now and into the future, from the heart to the world. ”

    The scene Bo

    Malin Wallin has also created an interactive scene in the park in the form of the creature Bo, where children can create shadows in the gap at Bo. With the stage, she has wanted to attract up to play on the scene, one can create shadows in the gap and from there to become part of the installation. Future bright for Malin is the children’s own lighting force, to light today and into the future is a material to play with, able to create and shape of. A material to experiment with, discover and enjoy.

    Photograph Patrik Gunnar Helin 

    Light Designers

    A new group of lighting designers have gathered in Alingsås to start the creative work of Lights in Alingsås in 2015. The theme is “Evolution of Light” and will take visitors on a journey through time in light characters and highlight major finds of all time. Together with Professor Jan Ejhed working at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, the designs do a deep dive into the history of light to find interesting finds and phenomena to work along with this year’s loop. Audio will also this year be part of the installations and composer Sebastian Studnitzky from Germany will lead the creative process of creating the right sound with this year’s designs.


    Photograph Patrik Gunnar Helin


    This year’s lighting designer is Anna Sbouko from Greece, Kevan Shaw from Scotland, Roberto Corradini & Marco Palandella from Italy, Reinhard Germer from Germany, Katja Winkelmann from Germany, Andrea Hartranft from the US and Catherine Hennig from Sweden.

    Another exciting year of creation has begun in Alingsås which you will get to enjoy during the month of October.

    You will also find a workshop at the festival.

    The workshop teaches the theoretical and practical knowledge in lighting design. The main objective is to have a professional lighting designer who will guide participants through the entire lighting process with a fair and full-scale projects. Workshop Week lasts for seven days and supported by the industry with advanced lighting equipment.

     Photograph Patrik Gunnar Helin

    This year’s workshop is now full, but there is the possibility to get information about next year’s workshop in advance, please send an email to with contact details and we will contact you when we open registration for in 2016.

    Welcome to Lights in Alingsås in the Autumn!

    Thank you to Lights in Alingsas for text and pictures.

    Featured image Robert Persson

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