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  • 13th May 2015
  • A view of Borgen Square

    If you’ve been following some of the best Nordic dramas which have hit our TV screens the last few years you will of no doubt become fans of The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge.

    Fancy following in Sarah Lund’s footsteps? Marvel at the backdrop in which Birgitte Nyborg ran Denmark or intrigued by the locations which saw Saga Noren shooting around in her vintage car. But just don’t know where you would start?

    A Nordic Tour

    Don’t worry, because there is a tour which will do all the guiding for you!

    Nordic Noir Tours offers tours themed around the popular Danish television series The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge. We want to blur the line between fiction and reality by showing the film locations of these series as well as telling guests the stories behind the productions and how they were inspired by real events.

    The business started about a year ago and is run by Dieuwertje (Dee), from The Netherlands. Dee moved to Denmark at the beginning of 2013 after she had written her dissertation on film tourism in Denmark. She has a fascination for crime fiction, thrillers and horror films and also guides many of the tours herself.

    Nordic Noir Tours offers open tours on Saturdays and private tours throughout the week. Prices start from 100 dkk per person.

    On the Borgen tour guests will, among other places, visit the exteriors of Christiansborg palace. Here are many recognisable locations that were used for scenes with Birgitte Nyborg and her spin doctor, or shady politicians plotting their plans. The fun part about this tour is that you will also hear about the connection between fiction and reality and, for example, how politics and media inspired the story of Borgen.

    On The Killing/The Bridge tour you get to see a completely different side of Copenhagen, the edgy side of the city. Participants will see lots of film locations from the two series, like the police headquarters. You will also hear about Danish design, Scandinavian stereotypes and, of course, the lovely and quirky Sarah Lund and Saga Noren.

    photo credit ‘Nordic Noir Tours’

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