Nordic News Round Up

  • Sarah Surgey
  • 9th October 2015
  • We’ve started looking at Nordic interests and stories which are making their way into our news throughout each week. We know Nordophiles have an interest in all areas when it comes to Nordic genres so are taking this opportunity to let you know about some things which have caught our attention this week and probably yours!



    We couldn’t end the week without talking about the passing of the legendary and hugely respected Nordic author Henning Mankell. Monday 5th October many woke to the news that he had lost his fight with Cancer. Instantly the respectful outpouring for this author was in some ways unprecedented because not only was this Swedish man one of the most popular authors within the Nordic Noir genre but he was an absolute writer, dedicated to his talent, right until the end.

    He documented his fight with Cancer through his writing for The Guardian, with his last entry being posthumously printed the next day. He wrote about his humanitarian causes which saw him take an active role over the years in trying to right what he believed in and he spoke often through his written words to convey his love and belonging in Mozambique. Henning Mankell brought us Wallander, the Swedish Detective which was equally popular in literature as it was on our TV screens and for many this is where their love and first interest in Nordic crime fiction came from.

    Henning Mankell was a man of substance, a man of passion and beliefs and his work and activity will live on for many years to come.


    This week Cinemascandinavia launched the NORDI Awards! After a few years of reviewing, documenting, interviewing and showcasing to us Nordophiles everything to do with Nordic Film we are pleased to announce that this week they decided to let you have your say aswell with regards to the Nordic films and dramas that have got you through the year, and the actors who have made them so great. This is a good opportunity for you to be involved from the very beginning and have your say. Whether you have watched Pilou Asbaek from Borgen to ‘A War’ or have been taken by the performance of  Ane Dahl Torp in 1001 Grams. This is your chance to vote. Did the Norwegian disaster film ‘The Wave’  ignite a new interest in Nordic film in you, or are you waiting with much anticipation for the new series of ‘The Bridge’?  Now is the time to vote! The Nordi Awards Voting Form



    Nobel Prize in Literature was announced on Thursday 8th October by the Swedish Acadamy. Belarusian author Svetlana Alexievich took the coveted prize making her the 14th woman to win since it began in 1901. She was noted for her “polyphonic writings” by the Swedish Acadamy and praised for her work with her books which they described as “monument to suffering and courage in our time”.

    The Nobel Prize in literature was founded in 1901, 5 years after the death of Alfred Nobel a Swedish Chemist and Engineer. Alfred Nobel was the inventor of Dynamite and an elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. After death, it was found that Alfred Nobel had left much of his wealth and assets in a trust which he planned would be used to fund the Nobel Prizes.



    #NordicDayUSA was filtering through this week on Twitter and it’s all about Combating Climate Change! The five Nordic embassies in Washington DC ( Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway) are attending the first ever Nordic Day on October 21st, where they will “discuss common goals and challenges in light of the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Paris.” It’s going to be all about Nordic solutions and fresh thoughts.

    The Nordics are normally at the forefront of innovative ideas and thinking outside of the box to move forward with World concerns, so it will be an interesting Nordic Day to watch and see the outcome of.



    Nordic Playlist is the place to go for your Nordic music interests. Each week they give us a recommended playlist, interviews, and features which bring us sometime relatively unknown Nordic artists to add to our list.

    This week they interviewed the Norwegian songstress ‘Aurora’. She talks about her upcoming performances in the UK in November and how it feels to finish her album recently. Read the interview here Nordic Playlist – Aurora 




    Finally, we couldn’t let this weeks mentions go by without talking about Nordic Food! With the furore over the Great British Bake Off final this week, Nordophiles yet again looked towards the Nordic food alternatives which we would replace certain British foods with. Cinnamon Bun Day was still fresh in our mind and maybe we’ve carried this National celebrated day on a bit too far into the week with at every opportunity taking a Fika where possible but in our defence it was spurred on after we read the interview in The Sunday Times with Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson.

    The interview starts off with telling us the correct way to pronounce Copenhagen and how so many are saying it wrong, it then delves into the reasons behind Magnus decision to write a Nordic cookbook. He has been described as both “extraordinary” and “acclaimed” so we very much recommend you take a look at the Nordic chefs thoughts and ideas which will only feed your Nordic passion even more! Sunday Times interview

    Well, that’s it for a roundup of Nordic News. Nordophile always welcomes input from our fellow Nordophiles, so if you have a story to tell or information on any Nordic talents/events let us know!

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