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  • 1st September 2015
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    Founded in 2005, Helsinki Design Week is the largest design festival in the Nordic countries. Held annually in September, the multidisciplinary festival presents design from a number of fields as well as fashion, architecture and urban culture. Helsinki Design Week will be held 3.–13.9.2015.

    Helsinki Design Week presents the new faces and phenomena of design, promotes design internationally in collaboration with various partners and offers city citizens through design a forum to participate in developing and discussing the city and its culture. The festival programme contains around 150 events every year, and includes both events targeted for professionals and the general public.

    The Helsinki Design Week main events are produced by Helsinki Design Week and its main partners. The Helsinki Design Week programme is produced in cooperation with national and international stakeholders and an extensive event-planning network. The programme is completed with selected events from an open call for programme entries. In 2014 the festival boasted about 110,000 visitors.

    The festival programme takes place in a variety of event spaces spread throughout the city: from museums to markets, from seminar halls to secret shops. The festival also actively seeks new spaces and ways to explore the city.

    Helsinki Design Week is produced by the design service agency Luovi Productions Oy.


    Featured events

    Below you will find some of the Design inspired events taking place throughout Helsinki Design Week. But there is so much more going on including a Lego Collective Workshop, The Children’s Weekend and A Focus on the Future of Cities. Check out on their site!


    A Workshop by Proloque Shop 10.9.15


    ..”a workshop may be a room or building which provides both the area and tools (or machinery) that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods.” (wiki)

    Proloque believes in the future of a fascinating live shop experience and unforgattable objects. Proloque Shop invited set designer and artist Jonna Järvinen to A WORKSHOP by Proloque Shop. In this Helsinki Design Week -evening Järvinen will finalize her magnificent dome-installations for Proloque, also upon customers wishes. Jonna Järvinen’s dome-installations are fascinating micro worlds that pay attention to the small details in life and nature surrounding us.

    You are welcome to follow and interact with her work or just enjoy our HDW evening,  where both beautiful objects and a shop comes alive. Small refreshments will be served.


    Cityspace 3-13.9.15




    A multi-dimensional meeting point of art and design, built out of containers by the seaside, right next to the newly renovated Old market hall of Helsinki. The transformable containers will work as a stage for surprising spaces and events where people and companies from different fields meet and create new and lively urban city culture. The event is produced by Hei Helsinki and Misc. Management.


    Anthology of Finnish Fashion 3-13.9.15



    This exhibition approaches its topic through nine themes: Folk, Globalization, The Engineering Mindset, The Millennium, Modernism, Change, the Economic Boom, Winter and Equality.

    In this exhibition, fashion is understood in a broad sense. The exhibits include technological clothing design, such as a motorcycle outfit and smart sportswear.

    The heritage of modernism is prominent in Finnish fashion design. Typical features of Finnish fashions in the spirit of modernism are practicality, functionalism and usability. The Modernism theme features work by Samuji and Irja Leimu, among others. On the other hand, the idiom of form is also influenced by colourful folk-inspired maximalism and decorativeness. The designers presented in the Folk theme include Sophie Sälekari and Annikki Karvinen.

    The conditions under which Finnish fashion and clothing designers have worked have changed radically from the 1950s to the present day. During the heyday of the Finnish fashion and clothing industry from the late 1960s to the beginning of the 1990s, there were over 500 manufacturers in this sector, employing a large number of designers. When trade with the Soviet Union collapsed and the clothing industry moved out of Finland, designers had to find new ways of earning their livelihood. Around the turn of the millennium,  brands established by young designers began to emerge in Finland. At present, Finnish fashion is a seamless part of international fashion.

    Designers and brands featured in the exhibition include Achilles Ion Gabriel,Ivana Helsinki, Jasmiine Julin-Aro, Karhu, Satu Maaranen, Makia,Marimekko, Mattisen Teollisuus, Daniel Palillo, Plastic Pony, Jukka Rintala,Anna Ruohonen and Vuokko.

    The curators of the exhibition are Suvi Saloniemi, Chief Curator of Exhibitions at Design Museum and journalist Liisa Jokinen. The exhibition architecture is by Linda Bergroth.


    I Heart Vallila 5.9.15



    The I Heart Vallila -urban event takes place on 5 September in Vallila. The event opens up the workshops, companies and brick-and-mortar shops of Vallila and makes visible the creative professionals working in the neighbourhood. Doors will be open and everyone is invited to meet the makers and creative workers of Vallila.


    The Charm of Musical Instruments 5.9.15



    Families are invited to the world of musical instruments in order to discover how the shape of the instrument affects its sound. Heureka Science Centre organises a workshop where children (5 years or older) can make curious and surprising “scientific” musical instruments. Jamkids Music School offers a music workshop where everyone can play. Jug band Dog in a Bucket presents and plays their home-made instruments.

    Children can try various instruments under the guidance of music teachers from the North Helsinki Music School. Mubik, a mobile game and virtual musical instrument, is presented as an example of the future.

    The event takes place in the Music! exhibition of the Helsinki City Museum.

    To meet the rest of the team and find out more about the events, head over to



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