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  • 7th August 2015
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    Helsinki Festival is the largest arts festival in Finland, organised annually in late summer. The festival’s aim is to make art accessible for all.

    In 2015, the Helsinki Festival is arranged from August 14-30.
    The Night of the Arts is arranged on 20 August 2015.



    Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin; KILL Carmen


    Featured events

    Art goes Kapakka

    Ten days, ten nights and more than 300 events taking place across Helsinki’s bars, restaurants and cafes. Art goes Kapakka brings together interesting and insightful art, the city’s finest gastronomic delights and some fantastic crowds – and is a chance for established artists to preview their latest ideas and newcomers to do some profile raising.

    Throw yourself in and enjoy unforgettable AgK moments in the dark August nights. The long-awaited programme is due to be announced in summer 2015. See you there!




    30th Helsinki Comics Festival

    This year, the largest comic festival in Northern Europe is also turning its gaze toward Asia and moving its normal timetable up by one week. The special themes for 2015 are zines and small press, Hong Kong and Korea. The programme will include, e.g., a comic market, Small Press heaven, comic artists, gallery exhibitions throughout the city, discussions, lectures, live drawing sessions, competitions, animations, a children’s programme and evening clubs.

    In co-operation with:
    Suomen sarjakuvaseura, Sarjakuvakeskus




    Helsinki Night Market

    At last! After two years of waiting, the Helsinki Night Market offers the possibility of tasting insects. More than ten different street stalls set up with a variety of night-time delicacies from traditional Asian treats to more exotic flavours. This year, insect food cooks from Shanghai conjure up snacks from all kinds of insects.

    Inside the red-brick yard, there is a diverse and zany combination of art forms, glow-in-the-dark lions and dragons, and of course, live music. There are also activities for the smaller members of the family. The event continues on Friday!

    In co-operation with:
    The Abattoir (Teurastamo), Centre of International Cultural Exchange, Chinese Ministry of Culture




    Searching for Janne

    In honour of the 150th anniversary, students from the Theatre Academy read the Sibelius biography by Erik Tawaststjerna in pop-up events all over the city. Find yourself in situations that uplift beyond everyday life in unexpected locations throughout the Festival!

    Performed in Finnish.

    In co-operation with: Theatre Academy OP





    Enormous, eight-metre giants come to life at Night of the Arts! Where are they from? How did they get here and why? Helsinki Festival and Helsingin Sanomat join the city residents in welcoming these rare guests with open arms. Join in the fun of building giant wicker beings in free workshops co-ordinated by EMMA. The event will culminate in the giants coming to life, and that can happen only with your help!

    Night of the Arts thu 20.8.
    The Giants come to life at Senate Square at 19.00

    Concept, production: BeNoît Mousserion & Bérangère Pajaud, Cie l’Homme debout

    Co-operation: EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art

    In partnership with: Helsingin Sanomat




    Susanne Sundfør; Color Dolor

    Dramatic, elegant, cinematic, unapologetic, inspiring. These adjectives, among others, have been used to describe Susanne Sundfør, a young talent at the top of the charts in Norway. Sundfør, 29, has already recorded six albums and collaborated with the Norwegian group Röyksopp and the French group M83. Sundfør has moved from nostalgic folk music to dark pop and gloomy electronic music. Her newest album, Ten Love Songs, is like Kate Bush meets disco.

    The warm-up act for the evening, Color Dolor from Helsinki, leads you into a vortex of experimental, dream-like and unexpected soundscapes. Underneath the wild sound, there is classy, dynamic pop playing that is guaranteed to lift your dancing feet off the floor.

    Color Dolor starts at 7 p.m. Susanne Sundfør starts at 8.15 p.m.
    Doors: 6 p.m.

    For this event you can purchase a meal by Restaurant Juuri beforehand!

    Age limit: 18


    credit Luke Gilford


    Director of Helsinki Festival – Erik Söderblom

    The Tree Booms

    Boom 1: Changing China

    Circus, dance, design, rock, symphony, cartoons, kites and street food. As part of the 2015 Helsinki Festival, we present Focus: China, one of the most comprehensive looks at Chinese culture seen in Europe over the past years. We are not interested in how different or exotic the Chinese are as such, but rather how similar we humans ultimately are.

    The world has changed China. Now China is changing the world at a pace. If you dig deep enough in Finland, you get to China, they say. The 2015 Helsinki Festival provides you with shovels for the exploration.

    Boom 2: Changing musical theatre

    Theatre changes, music changes, dance changes. Perhaps musical theatre is the art form which, in embracing the world, ultimately best describes our multifaceted modern reality. This has been understood by the modern generation of composers – more than 20 of them are currently working on an opera or musical theatre project. Finland is experiencing a well-hidden musical theatre boom! The 2015 Helsinki Festival programme contains a small part thereof: three premieres of Finnish musical theatre works.

    Boom 3: Continuing agent of change

    The Huvila Festival Tent, the agent of change in the city’s music scene, celebrates its 20th anniversary! Over the years, this Tokoinranta landmark has fed the fires of passion, introduced new artists of all sorts and launched one star after another into the musical sky of Helsinki. And it will do so this summer as well. The agent of change continues!

    In this landscape of change, after six festivals, I bid farewell to the wonderful audience of the Helsinki Festival with this year’s programme and welcome my successor, Topi Lehtipuu.

    The world is changing – art makes the transition easier.



    photo; Sasa Tkalcan

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