Are you Scandinavian?

  • Sarah Surgey
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  • 18th June 2015
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    Are you Scandinavian? Our definition of a Nordophile is [A person who loves all things Nordic] but ever wondered where your passion comes from? Could it be that if you traced your family history back and looked on your family tree, you would, in fact, have Nordic relatives?

    How great would that be? Not only connecting with family members who you didn’t know existed but family members who would help you immerse in one of the Nordic countries, as a family member.




    Nordophile have found someone who can do just that.

    Judi Buchanan is a family history researcher who specialises in tracing family from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland & Iceland.

    She started out tracing family history through records for people to build up their family tree, she then moved into schools where she teaches children to become a family history researcher themselves!




    But after speaking with some friends who class themselves as Nordophiles and they said they would love to find out somewhere in their family history that there were Nordic/Scandinavian family members, Judi decided to look further into researching in those countries.

    With the phenomenon which is sweeping Europe of all things Nordic, Judi said the interest has been immense.

    Judi herself has Danish family so can verify how lovely it is to blend the different cultures together for family meetings.




    If you are curious to find out or have a suspicion that you may, in fact, have some Nordic relatives, then contact Judi on

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