A Piece of Finland, in The Netherlands

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  • 1st June 2015
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    As we’ve said before The Netherlands has been likened to the Nordics on many occasions, people have even questioned whether they once were joined, or will be in the future. So it is no surprise that in Amsterdam, a city of modern architecture, culturally important premises, cobble streets and bikes, that we find a shop dedicated to one of the Nordics, Finland.

    A Piece of Finland is situated in around the trendy district of  Jordaan, on the Haarlemmerdijk. The Haarlemmerdijk is a hub of cafes, specialty restaurants and one off boutiques neighbouring each other along the street.


    But A Piece of Finland wasn’t born from someone who just happened to have an interest in Finland, it comes from two native Finnish women whose passion is to share their native home, in Amsterdam and all the products that come from there.

    A Piece of Finland

    It was a rainy Amsterdam afternoon when the two Finnish ladies first met. Anna had spent a few months prior developing a concept for a space in which Finnish culture meets food, design and travel. Ramona had in turn been nurturing a dream of a combined café and shop, for Finnish products. After a brief chat, the women decided to put their heads together and start a new, exciting journey of entrepreneurship together.


    The decision made on a wintery afternoon has led to a successful partnership and the opening of A Piece Of Finland, in April 2014. We are the Finnish Design Shop & Coffee Corner in Amsterdam, providing a unique service and a living room for finnofans and anyone else looking to connect to Finnish goods, travel and culture.


    Design products on offer include home tableware and gifts, glassware and décor, rubber shoes and boots, leather bags and accessories, organic cosmetics, children’s clothes and a changing selection of books. In addition, we offer traditional foods to take home such as rye breads, chocolates and seasonal delicacies. In the coffee corner you can sample on traditional Karelia pies, smoked salmon sandwiches and cinnamon rolls, with some excellent tea and coffee. A Piece Of Finland also hosts themed events and provides independent travel consultation. We’re open 7 days a week. You can find us also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.”



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