• Sarah Surgey
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  • 29th May 2015
  • skandivis
    If you are a Nordophile wanting some innovative Scandinavian products to add to your collection and your home, then look no further.
    The Scandinavians are known for their fresh and novel designs, whether in fashion or home wares. Simplicity with an edge.
    Scouring the UK for such a place where a Nordophile could buy these items, I came across Skandivis, and the problem was solved!
    Toni founded Skandivis the Scandinavian concept store 4 years ago.
    At Skandivis you will find a predominantly Scandinavian product line. However, it has been fused with a healthy mixture of functional and stylish design from other parts of the world, all chosen to fit in with Scandinavian style and create that unique Nordic ambiance.
    Skandivis can loosely be translated as “the Scandinavian way”. Whether I find myself at home or abroad I am always on the lookout for unique and functional design. It has never been a conscious decision to choose Scandinavian styles but, being Danish, it is no surprise that I have been influenced by, and love, the Scandinavian design trends, I hope that you love it too!

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