Nordicthink – Scandinavian simplicity in Spain

  • Sarah Surgey
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  • 29th May 2015
  • nordicthink

    Spain is about as southerly as you can get in Europe from Scandinavia, but that hasn’t stopped the simplicity of Scandinavian design being in demand there.

    In the culturally significant city of Barcelona, alongside the art galleries, museums and boutiques you will find Nordicthink taking pride of place.




    Nordicthink is a long standing personal project to share all the feelings generated by good Scandinavian design.

    You will find good ideas in Nordic furniture, lighting and design complements both in our Barcelona shop and our online shop. Also, any object that, while not strictly of Nordic provenance, satisfies criteria we consider fundamental.

    Our main aim is to offer good design selected following criteria of functionality, simplicity and (almost) indisputable beauty.


    A long crafts tradition and the use of high quality raw materials lie at the roots of the best Scandinavian design. A new generation of designers and manufacturers have managed to gather together the best features of their design culture and redefine their proposals with new materials, techniques, ideas and forms adapted to our current lifestyle.


    The legacy of the great masters of yesterday and the new talent of today’s designers merge in a selection in constant evolution. Of course, as in any other place, there is in Scandinavia good and bad design. This is why we only present products based on solid criteria of functionality, simplicity and beauty. This is, for us, good, honest design.


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