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  • 27th May 2015
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    If you want to fill your Nordic inspired home with Scandinavian wares but the white, minimalistic look, just doesn’t work for you? Then Have a look at Hus & Hem.
    A treasure trove of Scandinavian furnishings with colour. Giving Nordic impact for any Nordophile.
    Hus & Hem
    Back in 2009 Louise Little decided to take the plunge and open Hus & Hem.
    With extensive buying and retail experience opening my own shop seemed the obvious next step. With much encouragement from friends, family and suppliers, and rather a lot of dutch courage, Hus & Hem was born, and a long term ambition was achieved.
    Hus & Hem means house and home in Swedish, a suitable name for a shop that sells exactly that, lovely Scandinavian things that furnish, decorate and brighten up your home. Occasionally we can’t resist the odd thing from another part of the world, although they often have a connection, or have that Scandi look.
    Bright and light, with structural pillars of Danish candles, and a mass of colourful products for sale, the shop is never gaudy or kitsch. Products are tasteful, stylish and always practical. 
    Tired of seeing the same predictable and mass produced products on the high street, a general lack of good customer service and our high streets looking very sad, was the real driving force behind opening Hus & Hem.
    After working for several years selling Scandinavian furniture, I extended my passion for their design to include those finishing touches that make a house into a home, the soft blankets, colourful screen printed fabrics and pretty kitchenware, to name just a few things that the Nordic countries are so well known for.
    I have a passion for shopping and a weakness for beautiful things, opening Hus & Hem also gave me the opportunity to shop to my hearts content!
    Only eight weeks after deciding to start the venture, Hus & Hem opened on the 1st May 2009. I managed to find a shop in just twenty minutes (yes really!), everything fell into place, everything fitted first time, and luckily everyone seemed to love Hus & Hem!
    Hus & Hem have now moved into a larger more contemporary shop and our website is reaching out across the world to showcase the products that we are proud to promote and sell.
    Nestled within The Design Quarter, a charming new alleyway in the picturesque market town of Ledbury, you will find Hus & Hem, a modern designer shop full of Scandinavian style. Not wanting to be on the high street, this is our perfect location and customers love to discover “the hidden gem”.
    We source our products on our thrice yearly shopping trips to Denmark and Sweden. We are always on the look out for new ideas and trends from the small individual makers often not seen out of Scandinavia.
    We have great fun on our trips, although it is hard work, honestly! We often have aching limbs and sore feet, last time we visited in January (thick snow, -13°c, and even the sea was frozen) we calculated that we walked about forty miles. We would like to think that it keeps us fit, but the consumption of Swedish vodka and prinsesstårta cake (sponge,cream & marzipan) seems to cancel out all the hard work.
    Rather than buying whole ranges from suppliers, we cherry pick only our favourite pieces. Our criteria is that we only buy things that we both love, not just like, and everything that we stock has a place in our own homes or would if our customers didn’t get to them first!
    Many of our customers have become good friends and there is nothing nicer than meeting you in person, so if you would like to see our full range come and visit us in the shop.

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