Short film – Happy Thoughts

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  • 28th July 2015
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    Nordophile heard about the short film – Happy Thoughts which was shot in Sala, Sweden. It has no spoken dialogue, only music and the actors ability to convey the story through motion.




    We spoke with the American writer of Happy Thoughts, Kimberly Durley and she not only spoke with passion about her film but also gave great praise for all of her Nordic team who have made this short film one to watch. From her Swedish Director of Photography Jonas Nyren, who is a 23 year old filmmaker/writer/director/actor from Vittninge, Sweden, to the gaffer and lighting tech Nataniel Matias from Gothenburg who is currently attending film school at Tarna Folkhogskola.





    Happy Thoughts was filmed entirely at the train station in Sala, Sweden. You may have heard of Sala before if you have heard of the TV Nordic Supernatural drama “Jordskott”. Jordskott was also filmed in Sala and Kimberly worked on the show as part of the scenography team for most of last year.





    Music is extremely important to the film and adds to the telling of the story. Both music and sound were done by Daniel Johnsson, a Swedish troubadour and Gustaf Grefberg a Swedish sound engineer and musician. Kimberly explained  “The film has no dialogue, so the majority of its feel landed on these guys”. Gustaf was a pretty big part of the evolution of synth music in Sweden and he was one of the original members of Starbreeze Studios. He now works for Hazelight with Josef Fares making video games.  Daniel is the founder of Aardia, a music group from Sundsvall Sweden, and he’s a well sought-after troubadour as well.






    Stan has never felt so lonely or so hopeless. Life has landed him in the worst position he could ever imagine and now it is all he can do to keep himself from drowning in his bitterness at the world. That is, until Joy comes along and shines a little ray of sunlight into his dreary existence by giving him hot coffee on a cold morning, in a hand colored mug. This small act of kindness kindles a unique relationship between them which just might bring Stan to a greater understanding of how love, compassion and even joy can be found even in the most unexpected circumstances.






    Kristofer is a musician and filmmaker who goes by the name of Kristofer “Waxblend” Hedström is 31 and lives in the South of Sweden. He grew up in Sala where the short film “Happy Thoughts” was filmed. When he’s not acting/producing he makes hip-hop music under the Waxblend moniker. He is also studying business economy. He has  a passion for creating stuff, whether it’s music, film or just writing something.

    Magdalena Eriksson studied method acting at Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm. In 2007 she started working in the film industry as a makeup artist and did that for many years. Later on she wanted to try acting, got an education in method acting and loved it. So Magdalena quit doing makeup and started acting instead. The part as Joy in Happy thoughts was a real challenge though because there are no actual lines, the acting depends only on body language and facial expressions, hard but fun and educating. She enjoyed every minute of being Joy and being a part of bringing Kimberly’s beautiful story to life. Upcoming projects: A Web series, Timewars ll. Shooting starts in the autumn of 2015, and a feature, 1%- the voice within, shooting starts 2016.



    Find out more  Facebook/Happythoughts/shortfilm &



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