Copenhagen Cooking Festival

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  • 20th July 2015
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    Copenhagen Cooking Festival invites you to join thousands of others in a street celebration of Copenhagen’s local produce – or be part of renowned Michelin restaurant Relae’s 5th birthday at an informal park dinner with names such as Noma’s René Redzepi joining the party. This and much more is on the menu, as Copenhagen’s food festival, Copenhagen Cooking, unveils more than 100 events for the festival taking place 21-30 August.




    Those looking to experience the very best that Copenhagen’s gastronomy scene has to offer should look no further than Copenhagen Cooking Festival. In late August, the festival launches a ten-day celebration and showcase of the city’s gastronomy and restaurant scene.

    2015 will be the festival’s 11th year since its inauguration. Among the more than 100 unique events on the programme already is a massive street dinner in the Frederiksberg district, inviting more than a thousand guests to partake in a celebration of Copenhagen’s food culture along long tables on the city streets.

    The informal street dinners are part of the festival’s focus on local sustainability and togetherness this year. Over the course of the festival, key restaurants and gastronomic players will host street dinners everywhere from the medieval centre of Copenhagen to the city’s harbour.



    Photo Nicolai Engel


    Michelin birthdays and a taste of Copenhagen

    As part of the festival, Michelin-starred restaurant Relae – recently earning a no. 45 on the list of the world’s best restaurants as well as the world’s most sustainable restaurant – will celebrate its 5th birthday with a feast in a park in the up-and-coming Nørrebro quarter during the first weekend of the festival. Guest chefs will include notabilities such as head chef of Restaurant Noma, René Redzepi, as well as Chad Robinson, Rosio Sanchez and others.

    Another member of Copenhagen’s gastronomic elite rallying under the festival this year is Michelin restaurant Kokkeriet, who are composing a special menu around the festival’s focus on sustainability and togetherness. This is part of the festival’s concept Taste of Copenhagen, where restaurants and bars across the city interpret the festival’s values with special tasting menus. Taste of Copenhagen also features unusual names such as the National Museum of Denmark offering a historic look at the Danish cake table.

    Festivalgoers can also indulge themselves in something inherently Danish, such as the traditional smørrebrød (also known as the open-faced sandwich), as the food market in the city’s Meatpacking District pairs up with renowned microbrewery Mikkeller to host a day dedicated to the Danish specialty.


    Copenhagen_Cooking_rooftop_photographer_Rasmus_Flindt Pedersen

    Photo Rasmus Flindt Pedersen


    Dine under open skies or travel back in time with Copenhagen Cooking

    Dine under open skies in Copenhagen’s medieval centre, go on a Michelin picnic with Restaurant Kadeau or go on a gastronomic time travel. With little under a month until Copenhagen Cooking starts up the hotplates in the Danish Capital, the programme offers more than 150 unique events.

    Go on a picnic in the scenic Amager Fælled just outside of Copenhagen with a basket provided by Michelin- starred Restaurant Kadeau. Or relive the original 1983 menu from Era Oras opening. If you are not so Michelin-inclined, you can have an informal meal in the middle of the city’s medieval centre or right down by the harbour.

    These are just some of the 150 gastronomic temptations that Copenhagen will be full of from August 21 to 30, when the Copenhagen Cooking Festival opens its doors.

    One of the themes this year is the street dinner – informal long table dinners in the city streets. You can have a seat in Magstræde, in the city’s medieval centre, where the restaurants and bars of the street shut down traffic and come together for one night only to with an Italian-styled menu and great music and atmosphere. SALT Bar & Restaurant have also teamed up with a sustainable Danish fisherman’s guild to host an evening by the city’s harbour, where the menu is defined by the night’s catch.



    Photo Wonderful Copenhagen


    Michelin picnic and gastro time travels

    Festival guests who would like a gastronomic experience in nature need not worry, as Michelin-starred restaurant Kadeau will pack picnic baskets for a day trip to the scenic nature at Amager Fælled, just outside of Copenhagen.

    This summer’s festival programme also contains a number of historically inspired events: Guests can go back to the opening of now legendary Michelin restaurant Era Ora, as the restaurant’s younger sibling L’Altro revives the original retro-Italian menu. The National Museum of Denmark will also offer up a historical cake table with cakes and confections from past centuries.



    Photo Ty Stange


    Cooking classes galore

    During Copenhagen Cooking, you can also sharpen your gastronomic knowledge and cooking skills with one of the many classes and courses on the festival programme. For instance, you can go to a hands-on bread making course at Meyer’s and learn your way around the classic Danish rye bread (all in English).

    The open-faced sandwich – also known as smørrebrød – is another Danish favourite, and at Timm Vladimir’s Kitchen, you’ll get the chance to make your own. You can also refine your skills at the other end of the Danish culinary spectrum, as Timm Vladimir also offers a course guiding you through the basics of the New Nordic Cuisine. Both courses are in English.




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