Scandinavian Café Saltkråkan – Hamburg

  • Sarah Surgey
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  • 25th May 2015
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    Hamburg, Germany is a multicultural hub. It takes the title of second largest city in Germany and is in a perfect position for any  Nordophile situated all around Europe, to get to.

    But what would draw a Nordophile to Hamburg? A Scandinavian cafe with a Finnish/Swedish disposition would.


    I came across this cafe after reading some brilliant reviews. On closer inspection I realised that this is the perfect pit stop if you’re heading over to one of the Nordic countries (it’s only 1 hour 50 from the Danish border), or if you can’t go that far, then this is perfect for you to get your Nordic fix.

    Germany is embracing the Nordic culture too, so with its Scandinavian chic and home-baked Scandinavian goodies, Café Saltkråkan is extremly popular with local inhabitants.


    Café Saltkråkan


    The idea for a Scandinavian cafe arose through the fact that my wife is a borne Finland-Swede (a Finn with Swedish as mother tongue) and through her I got to know Scandinavia and also to love the North and the way of living there. I founded Café Saltkråkan in September 2012, so we are celebrating our third birthday in September this year. The cafe is furnished in a Scandinavian style – very bright / pale colors and rather puristic. We offer different Scandinavian style breakfast plates, lunch, for example soups, salads and pies (Quiche);  a very common lunch offer in Scandinavia. Our Heart beats for Scandinavian bakery products such as cinnamon buns, almond torte and chocolate-liquorice-cake – mainly home-baked – and confectionary directly imported from Finland (our suitcases are always full when we return from Finland).


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