It’s Chili in Denmark

  • Sarah Surgey
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  • 13th May 2015
  • Chili Klaus holding a chili

    We all know about the dark winters in Denmark, with the bitter frost that bites right through you and the snow that you have to dig out day in day out to get anywhere. But most Nordophiles would quite like to experience a winter there, the ambiance, the eery quiet.

    The summers on the other hand in Denmark seem to be mild and bright, giving endless days to dip in the sea, walk among the sand dunes or sit in a hot tub outside a summerhouse. So some Nordophiles would prefer this time of year!

    What happens if you combine the two? Who knew chili and hot went together as one so well…… I’m of course talking about Chili peppers in Denmark and that can only mean one person.

    Chili Klaus holding a chili

    Chili Klaus/Klaus Pilgaard

    Chili Klaus has really made the chili and chili tasting popular in Denmark. Together with Bubber, Preben Kristensen, Hella Joof and many others, he has eaten his way through some of the world’s strongest chilies on television. Chili Klaus’s videos have been seen by millions of people, and in 2014 he got the Zulu Award for the most entertaining video of the year.

    In 2014, he was also awarded the Food&media Award for being the best food communicator in Denmark, on social medias!

    Chili Klaus (Claus Pilgaard ) is also a skilled pianist from The Royal Academy of Music, and has a career as a comedian.

    Klaus encourages you to try a variety of chilies. For those who just want to feel the faint heat to those who want a hot experience!

    If you make it over to Denmark look out for another of Chili Klaus chili tasting events, which last year in Copenhagen saw 1000 people simultaneously take the leap of faith and dive into something chili in Denmark.


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