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  • 25th August 2015
  • Here at Nordophile we are excited to be bringing you some guest bloggers and new writers to our site over the next few weeks.

    We start with a guest blog from a Nordophile who was lucky enough to make the move to one of the Nordic countries. She blogs about her experiences and has kindly offered to give you an insight into the Arctic city she now calls home and why the season which is upon us, is the best time to visit!



    Autumnal Tromso – A Magical Time

    Hello, fellow Nordophiles! My name is Vanessa and I’m a German expat living in Tromso in Arctic Norway. I blog  about my life and travels in Scandinavia and the Arctic over at Snow in Tromso and am here today to spread a bit of my love for Arctic Norway!

    Two years ago, I first made the journey to Tromso. It was October and therefore, cold, rainy and grey. I only stayed in the city for one night and one day before embarking on a cruise to the North Cape, but that one night and one day were enough to fall in love with Tromso. Now two years later, I’m living in the biggest city of the European Arctic and am looking forward to the beginning of autumn again. It’s a magical time for so many reasons!




    The first thing I saw of Tromso was it’s snow-covered mountains, slowly appearing beneath the clouds while looking out of the plane window. Once I got out of the plane, fresh, crisp mountain air welcomed me and even though it was colder than I had expected and I was absolutely freezing, there was something about that moment that I’ll never forget.

    Later that day, I went on my first stroll through the city centre and found a cute, little, Norwegian seaside town that even looked colourful on a rainy day. I mean, red, yellow and even turquoise houses? On a dark day in autumn, these colours pop even more and look so pretty with the golden leaves of all the trees. It took only one hour wandering through the streets of Tromso until I knew that I could live in that city.

    Fast forward a year. I moved to Tromso in August and after about two weeks of summer, autumn arrived. I spent my first weeks in the city going hiking, waiting for the first Northern Lights of the season and experiencing the first snow of the season – in late September that is! These first weeks were absolutely amazing and it is therefore that I can’t wait for autumn in Tromso as I’m already looking forward to experiencing all these things all over again!


    Arctic Cathedral during Polar Night


    And if you consider visiting the city one day, here are a few reasons why autumn is the perfect time:

    1. First of all, the cruise ship season is over so the city is way less crowded and it’ll be easier to find accommodation and space in the museums.

    2. The snow hasn’t arrived yet which means you can go hiking on trails that are inaccessible during winter time. Plus, I don’t need to tell you how beautiful a forest is in autumn, right? That combined with snow-covered mountains in the distance makes for some beautiful pictures!

    3. If you’re arriving in early autumn, you might still have a chance to see some reindeer before they embark on their journey to their winter pastures. There aren’t any reindeers on Tromso island but on the neighbouring whale island, Kvaloya, you can almost always spot a reindeer or two from spring to late summer.


    Tromso Island in Autumn


    4. With the midnight sun disappearing and nights finally becoming dark, you can see the Northern Lights again! And in autumn that means, you can wait for them outside without almost freezing to death. Plus, Tromso looks really pretty at night and especially the Arctic Cathedral makes for a nice picture in the dark.

    5. If you’re lucky and at the right place at the right time, you can experience the first snow of the season. Usually, people complain that it’s too early but personally, I prefer snow over rainy and slippery streets. And that feeling of seeing the first snow of the winter is just undescribable, mainly because you never know when it’s finally time. Two years ago, the first snow only arrived in mid-October whereas last year it happened already in late September. I’m so curious to see when it’ll happen this year!

    Can you see why autumn is a magical time in Tromso now? It’s the time of many firsts and lasts and I’m looking forward to the first snow and Northern Lights as much as to the last hikes in the woods and the last reindeer sightings of the season.




    If you want to read more about Tromso and my life in Arctic Norway, head on over to Snow in Tromso and leave a comment below telling me what the best season is in your favourite Northern town!


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