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  • Sarah Surgey
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  • 10th May 2015
  • Janine from Nordic Vibes sitting in front of a cafe

    This blog is for you if you are a Nordophile searching for Nordic artists who showcase their art and other wares through design, food or maybe music and you find yourself intrigued by the most likened to being a Nordic country, The Netherlands.

    Nordic Vibes brings to you in Dutch and English some amazing artists who have one thing in common, they are Nordic.

    Janine Sterenborg has spent much of her time travelling to the Nordic regions to bring Nordophiles a glimpse into the countries that they love.

    If it’s Nordic and relevant to the Netherlands and beyond, then you will find it here. But with more of her site being translated into English there will be no Nordophile stone unturned!

    I spoke with Janine and asked her, to sum up, Nordic Vibes for us and here is her beautifully poetic answer describing her passion, which most certainly makes her a Nordophile.

    Janine from Nordic Vibes sitting in front of a cafe

    Nordic Vibes showcases Scandinavian arts and its culture. All Nordic arts share a similar vibe: the silence combined with the rough scene. The energy of cities like Stockholm, and the cuteness against the rawness of the sumptuous Iceland.

    The space, nature and silence of the Nordics capture the imagination of many. Eyes twinkle when thinking about the northern part of Europe, yet there was no place to find a compilation of the arts all of us love so much. It is time to gather, exchange experiences and discover new talents.

    Nordic Vibes has a strong focus on travel, music and more and more on Nordic Cuisine, with extra regard to artists, events and locations in The Netherlands.

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