Don’t leave Iceland out in the cold.

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  • 29th May 2015
  • stuckiniceland

    Out of all the Nordics, Denmark and Sweden seem to get a lot of the attention. Whether it’s the ease in which people from around Europe, can get to them or the fact that we have a lot of dramas and films from there coming our way right now.

    But the fact is, you mustn’t discard the other Nordic countries, as you will be missing out. After coming across I was very intrigued by this Nordic nation.

    Iceland is a unique Nordic place, which over recent years has really started to assert itself through its tourism and business.

    It holds some very special events such as; the Icelandnoir festival ,which celebrates its Nordic Noir authors. Countless music festivals in and around Reykjavik. The Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival and DesignMarch which showcases all areas of design, from architecture to fashion and furniture to product design.

    Because Iceland only holds around 325,000 inhabitants, it means they are indulged with vast space, stunning and every changing landscapes and a high quality of life to enjoy. Being outdoors and participating extreme sports is an Icelandic pastime which is enjoyed all year round.

    From beaches to volcanoes and from glaciers to forests, you can see just why people want to show it off, whilst keeping it a secret!

    Stuck in Iceland, is a humorous, informative and passionate blog about Iceland.

    Make Iceland one of your Nordic destinations this year. And if you do, these guys will gladly help you!


    Stuck in Iceland

    Visiting Iceland is an Life Altering Experience

    Jon Thorsteinsson and Sigurdur Fjalar Jonsson run the indie travel blog Stuck in Iceland which was launched in September 2012. Jon works as a marketing specialistat the Nordic IT company Advania and Sigurdur Fjalar is the marketing director at the Idan Educational Center. They run Stuck in Iceland as a side project but the site has been growing fast since it was launched and has accumulated just over 131 thousand users during that time.


    Their site features a lot of great travel advice but also contains information the quirks of Icelandic culture and is sprinkled with fascinating details of Icelandic history. “We are amazed by the strong feeling of affection people feel for our country after they have visited it. Above all they are captivated by Icelandic nature and the extreme elements here. It is pretty clear to me that many of  these people find their visit to Iceland a life altering experience,” comments Jon.



    He adds that originally Stuck in Iceland was originally based on their own travels around the country but now a lot of the content on site, both long form articles and videos, now comes from people abroad who have visited Iceland and have been captivated by their experience are very keen on communicating their experience to the world. “ We absolutely love this content, it is authentic as it is based on real life experiences of traveling in Iceland and as such it is really useful for those who are planning their Iceland trip,” comments Jon.


    Photo credit Martin Schulz. Read his full article here

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