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  • 14th July 2015
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    Nordophile is excited to showcase H.C. Andersen Festivals in Odense which is a celebration of the everlasting imprint in literature, left by this Danish author.

    Hans Christian Andersen’s story is one of triumph and through a pure dedication to his given talent, H.C Andersen’s works continue to inspire and remain relevant to this day. With interpretations through performing arts and street activities, this festival certainly promotes not only one of Denmarks most famous natives but also the support of the arts and culture here.





    H.C. Andersen Festivals takes place every year in week 34. During the festival, Odense city is buzzing with cultural activities such as concerts, theatre, 3D show and much more. All inspired by Hans Christian Andersen and his creative and inspiring universe. The festival has something to offer for all ages with its wide variety of cultural events.

    There will be traditional events such as guided tours, lectures and theatrical performances all set around Hans Christian Andersen and his universe. In addition, there will also be unexpected events and activities such as street art and performances, light shows, and many other modern interpretations of Hans Christian Andersen and his fairy tales. All of this will be taking place in and around downtown Odense.

    The festival’s goal is to promote Odense both nationally in Denmark and internationally through Hans Christian Andersen and his universe.




    Hans Christian Andersen’s universe can be described using words like adventure, fantasy, and wonder, but it is also much much more. You will be able to experience all of these things and more at the Hans Christian Andersen Festivals. The inspiration for events is mostly taken from Professor Johs. Nørregaard Frandsen from the H.C. Andersen Center, University of Southern Denmark. Nørregaard Frandsen has come up with seven words that will shape the events at the festival.

    Hans Christian Andersen’s fantasy world is without equal and has inspired many people’s creativity worldwide. The Hans Christian Andersen Festivals will reflect this. The festival will focus on innovation and quality with close cooperations between cultural institutions, educations, and existing festivals in Odense.

    The extra “S” in Hans Christian Andersen Festivals signifies our cooperation with other festivals also taking place in August.




    Facts about the Hans Christian Andersen Festivals

    • The festival will be taking place on August 16th-23th..
    • The festival has been funded by a group of professionals for the next three years, 2013-2015. The new agreements are made for 2016 and 2017.
    • In addition to the business community of Odense, the festival is also supported by the Nordea Foundation, Odense Municipality, Region Southern Denmark, Developing Fyn and the generosity of other local funds, sponsors, and partners.
    • The festival is organized with a board and four professional committees. Both the board and committees are working voluntarily.
    • Each year the festival will be handing out awards.
    • The festival will consist of both free and paid admission events around the city.



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