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  • 21st July 2015
  • -Night Fly- - 80 x 80 cm

    Danish artist – Claus Thurøe was born and lives in one of Denmark’s culture cities, Copenhagen. Known for its embrace of artists, Claus has nurtured his career here to go on to specialise in Landscapes, which are shown through his solo exhibitions.




    We spoke with Claus and asked him to take us through his history and how his talent has evolved.


    I have been creating art since 1983 when I started with collages of paper.
    1986 was the year I started painting. First on plates then on canvas in 1989. I have over the years made paintings inspired from the industrial environments, Japan, the Faroe Islands, natural landscapes cityscapes and people.

    Back 1987 I visited Israel for a month and spent my time sketching and drawing.

    After returning home, I was more focused on my style and used acrylic on masonite. This turned into a series of portraits.
    The following month I started painting with acrylic on canvas and depicted the industrial environment, sports, theater and other subjects under the title Figurative Cubism.




    In 1991, I was in Japan for 3 months. There I was fascinated by the old Japanese woodcut prints Ukiyo-e. I visited many ukiyo-e exhibitions and decided to work with motifs from a Cubist perspective.

    I have now painted Cubist Ukiyo-e since 1990 and still enjoy it  to this day. I find it inspiring especially because I can see that my style evolves and the paintings change expression.

    In 2008, I was asked to illustrate children’s and workbook “Timo Moto adventure” with my Japanese paintings. This resulted in a series of paintings.

    In that period, I have also visited the Faroes several times and tried to express my experiences in my work. My Faroese paintings, allow me to show the magnificent natural scenery and the interaction between it and the man-made constructions upon it.
    In 2010, I began to combine the Japanese and Faroese landscape in a kind of “Landscape Fantasy”.

    In 2014, I visited New York and this inspired my work with cityscapes.




    I then started to paint significantly different from my previous paintings where I previously had a far tightened control of painting. The new design choices challenge me with the many striking colour contrasts and the heavy brushstrokes. During the process, the paintings seem fairly chaotic for me, where I eventually tighten up the result. This appeals to me a lot.

    I try now to combine the old buildings with the modern buildings that are springing up everywhere these days. The urban skyline is changing forever these days.

    I’m very inspired by Copenhagen and other European medieval cities. Their random urban design with nice big beautiful buildings, where the atmosphere is reflected by colours. I portray but also depict the small streets and squares, and quirky spaces. The buildings dark windows capture the imagination and ask the question  “what happens there, what life is lived there”.

    I visited New York in 2014  and tried to capture the city’s historical ambience. The city is almost done on a drawing board, but despite its wide open streets and squares, there is a high degree of proximity. I made my Nordic comment to New York in 12 paintings.

    Early in 2015 I decided to try to illustrate through my paintings, the electronic sense and the electronic human in the digital age. The digital society today is very individual in all directions. This resulted in a series of paintings in which I plan to continue working within this style.





    Denmark in Museums, exhibition halls, galleries and art fairs.
    Exhibitions in Norway, The Faroe Islands, Japan, USA.

    I have received a Danish scholarship “De Bielkeske Legater”.

    Check out ct-art.dk for more information


    Upcoming Exhibitions 

    Solo exhibition at Gentofte Townhall, Copenhagen. August 2015.

    Exhibition in Gallery Habsø, Midtjyllands Kunst Center. October 2015

    Christmas exhibition at The Peter Faber House, Copenhagen. December 2015



    Gimignano” – 130 x 150 cm
    Inspired by San Gimignano, which is an Italian city located in Tuscany.
    San Gimignano was in 1990 UNESCO World Heritage Site because of it’s well-preserved and unique medieval architecture.


    Gimignano - 130 x 150 cm.


    View from Brooklyn Bridge” – 80 x 80 cm
    Inspired of New York, when I was walking to Brooklyn on The Bridge.


    -View from Brooklyn Bridge- - 80 x 80 cm


    Dome” – 60 x 80 cm
    Inspired of The Marble Church in Copenhagen. It was build 1749-1894 and is landmark for a part of Cph. called “Frederiksstaden” (Frederik City).


    -Dome- - 60 x 80 cm


    Night Fly” – 80 x 80 cm
    The digital human having an evening stroll in cyberspace


    -Night Fly- - 80 x 80 cm


    E-Links” – 80 x 80 cm
    The digital human creates connections crisscrossing


    -E-Links- - 80 x 80 cm


    Watch a video about Claus https://vimeo.com/115210998

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