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  • 2nd June 2015
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    Nordic Contemporary Art Space proudly presents “Too much of a Good Thing”
    A group exhibition by artists from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
    Exhibition period: 28. MAY – 7. JUNE 2015

    The artist/curator Andreas Emenius and cultural entrepreneur Jacob Valdemar introduce with
    Nordic Contemporary the exhibition ‘TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING’, showing ten contem-
    porary Nordic artists presenting new interpretations of paintings, sculptures, drawings and video.
    Apart from being connected geographically, the invited artists are also connected by an interest in
    high culture meets low culture, polished meets raw, natural meets clinical.


    The Nordic region is a stage where the beautiful life is acted out, resulting in a growing distance
    to the living life. “TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING” is an exhibition about how we exist in this
    condition. Not necessarily to reflect on it, but to work on it from within, looking out. Many of the
    artworks represented are satisfied with pointing back at the work itself, rather than a certain
    discourse, while pointing towards a freedom and subjectivity, with an existential commitment to the
    The titles reference ‘a good thing’ as being something utopian, while ‘too much’ stands for some
    thing over saturated, to the limit and beyond: mental states, material, and media. The artists are
    represented in a broad range of expressions as an attempt to break down hierarchies. High culture
    meets low culture, polished meets raw, natural meets clinical in an eclectic brew that aims to clash more than harmonise; yet somehow linked through the artists view.


    Nordic Contemporary is an art space founded in 2014 by Andreas Emenius and Jacob
    Valdemar, situated on 160m2 in an empty apartment at Republique, Paris. It serves as a platform
    for contemporary art by Scandinavian artists, established and less established and presents
    three exhibitions a year aiming to visualize any current direction of Nordic art today. The aim is to
    create long-term visibility for Nordic art and showcase internationally the Nordic region’s increasing
    importance on the global art scene.

    The last exhibition at Nordic Contemporary, FLUID FLESH, opened Oct. 23, 2014. Attended by
    400 people it created an instant impact and was covered in national and international press,
    among others the New York Times and Purple magazine.


    Andreas Emenius

    Creates semi-figurative paintings, drawings and hulking
    figures in plaster, wood and iron, as well as suggestive videos, often composed
    together in a total installation, activated by a live performance. He indirectly
    draws from his personal background and history while observing people in his
    nearby surroundings. His figures appear in motion, restless at the same time
    positioned in place, full of brute emotive power. His interest lies in the effect
    the modern world has on the body, both in a cognitive and physical sense and,
    where he imagines an aesthetic chaos, due to the temporary body in constant

    Collaboration is a key aspect of his praxis and being the curator at
    Nordic contemporary is the latest in what creates a cluster of connections
    to his artist centre – the studio.
    Emenius is a founding member of Vibskov&Emenius, together with the Danish
    designer Henrik Vibskov. ‘The Fringe Projects’ and ‘The Circular Series’
    fifteen works in form of installations, objects, performances, video and self-
    potraits has been presented widely internationally since 2007 and documented
    in ‘The Fringe Projects 1-10’ (144p JapSam Books, 2009).

    Other collaborations include the Danish musician Trentemøller, EMENIUS
    directed and filmed two videos for ‘Decieve’ and ‘Come Undone
    Trentemøller remix’. (2014), as well being involved in the stage scenography for
    Trentemøller’s ongoing ‘Lost’ world tour. In return, Trentemøller was invited
    to perform in Emenius’s exhibition ‘Movement’ at H.C Andersen Castle,
    Copenhagen (2012), supported by Mercedes Benz and staged and curated by Andreas Emenius, international artists in dialogues across the fields of fine art, dance, performance and music.

     nc space

    The Director
    Jacob Valdemar

    Has education in Cultural Entrepreneurship and Leadership
    (KaosPilot, Denmark). Since then he has successfully initiated and led many
    fashion and music related projects.

    Being the business drive behind different artists and projects, Jacob has helped
    to grow them into cultural movements and cementing them as milestones in
    their time and context. Working with ideas that stand out and make a change
    in the world has always been a key factor in his projects.
    At the start of his career, Valdemar founded the internationally acclaimed
    RECession festival for experimental rock and electronical music in Aarhus,
    Denmark, featuring artists as The Fall, Cold Cut, Asian Dub Foundation and
    Einstürzende Neubauten. Later he was part of FreeMuse organization against
    music censorship, making opinions of artists like The Cure and Natacha Atlas

    In 2003 he moved to Berlin and launched the business of a young South
    African designer by positioning his work at high end European stores. This
    received broad attention on international scale in both business and media
    environments by being featured in such respectable channels as CNN, Dazed
    and Confused and Danish Berlingske Tidne.
    In 2004 he founded Sales and PR company “Agency V”. Based in Berlin,
    the agency’s clients included such at the time emerging designers as Henrik
    Vibskov, Wood Wood and others. From 2008 to 2012 Jacob worked with
    Henrik Vibskov as his partner in business development, including opening
    Henrik Vibskov retail stores and launching the fragrance line TYPE.

    In 2013 Jacob opened Sales and Marketing company VALD agency, which
    today provides it’s services to 14 international designers, including Danish
    Henrik Vibskov, Anne Sofie Madsen, Asger Juel Larsen, American Eckhaus
    Latta, 69, and other designers from Germany, France, Austria and Korea.
    Initiating Nordic Contemporary project
    Jacob Valdemar uses his global network to elevate the Nordic art by
    providing the artists from the region with international platform through which
    to connect with world leading art collectors and culture media

    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Nordic Contemporary
    Address: Nordic Contemporary, 14, rue du Chateau d’Eau, 75010 Paris/France
    For further information please contact: T. +33 954 108 321 ·

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