The need for Nordophile.com became apparent when on a daily basis I saw people asking where they could fuel their passion for all things Nordic.

On further inspection, I have found a lot of people who can help any Nordophile with their habit whether it be for Nordic films/festivals/books/art/music/events or Nordic hangouts.

Being a Nordophile myself and writing for a while now about Nordic Noir authors, films and Nordic travel destinations I knew Nordophile.com needed to be set up so any Nordophile can find what they are looking for, in one place.

Nordic woodland with a stop sign in a tree


Alternatively you can help fellow Nordophiles by sharing your Nordic secrets! Do you know of any Nordic inspired businesses/people in and around Europe?

Whether it’s your favourite Danish cafe in Paris, a Swedish boutique in Berlin or a Nordic film that Nordophiles can enjoy in their own comfort.

Nordophile.com is your self-help site, not to kick your habit but to further it!

photo credit Markus Spiske

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